Permanent makeup is a great way for individuals to create an aesthetically pleasing look on their eyes, eyebrows, and lips for a stunning appearance.


Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, can be applied to make your morning routine easier, give you a consistent and refreshed look even right out of bed, fill in the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. At iContour Anti-Aging Center, we provide permanent makeup for those in Cambridge, Weston, Lincoln, and surrounding Boston, MA cities who would like to worry less about applying makeup and spend more time enjoying life. With licensed permanent makeup artists, our team of artistic individuals is able to provide stunning results based on your aesthetic desires. For more information on our eye and lip cosmetic tattooing, contact our Boston, MA office to schedule a consultation.


Our staff at iContour Anti-Aging Center are highly experienced in utilizing permanent makeup to enhance various areas of the face, including the:

Eyelids: Typically, eyeliner is how people add additional emphasis to their eyes. However, the process of applying eyeliner can be very time-consuming. Permanent makeup allows people to make their eyelashes appear more lush without having to worry about applying eyeliner every morning. In this way, we can enhance the eyes by bringing out their natural beauty, making them look brighter, and correcting their shape and/or size. Additionally, it has proven to be a popular form of treatment for patients with thin or no eyelashes.

Eyebrows: While they don't get much attention, your eyebrows are an overlooked facial feature that can either help or hurt your appearance. A set of strong and properly groomed eyebrows will enhance and define your face. If you have thin or sparse eyebrows thanks to genetics, overplucking, aging, or another cause, microblading can help you get fuller, natural eyebrows. This newer technique uses a skillful technique to fill in or recreate your eyebrows. You don't have to use makeup pencils and eyebrow gels to define and fill in your eyebrows anymore, thanks to our amazing, long-lasting results.

Lips: Permanent makeup can be used to ensure your lips never look dull or lifeless again. We add pigment to the lips, building layers of color throughout them, which helps to even out the tone of the lips and even correct asymmetry and wrinkles. By adding color to this area of your face, you're sure to always look stunning, professional, and prepared. Perhaps best of all, patients will not have to worry about bleeding lipstick or having to refresh their lipstick every few hours. Our patients usually receive a natural tone during their treatment, which enables them to not wear lipstick or simply apply different shades of lipstick over their permanent makeup to create a more dramatic appearance when the occasion calls for it. Most people find that their lipstick product tends to last longer when applied over permanent makeup than their bare lip.


Prior to your permanent makeup procedure, we'll sit down and discuss your goals, desired outcomes, and more. These will help us get to know you and your expectations better while also setting realistic expectations. At the start of your procedure, we'll clean the areas to be tattooed, and we will mix the pigments for your makeup. The needle we use is also new and sterilized to ensure all safety and health measures are taken. The procedure is quite similar to that of getting a tattoo on the body — you may experience some stinging or discomfort, but it's usually manageable. When we are finished tattooing your permanent makeup on, we will provide you with very specific cleaning and at-home care guidelines. It's important to limit sun exposure until your cosmetic tattooing has healed. Please call us if you notice an abnormal amount of swelling or if the tattooed area begins to bleed. While tattoos are long-lasting, they do fade over time — so touch-ups can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.


Is getting permanent makeup painful?

Having permanent makeup applied can be uncomfortable for some people, but it isn't typically painful. It is important to remember that this is an aesthetic tattooing procedure; however, permanent makeup doesn't go as deeply into the skin as skin art tattooing. We offer a topical anesthetic to make sure your procedure is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Is the permanent makeup procedure safe?

At iContour Anti-Aging Center, we take extreme care to ensure all health and safety measures are taken. Every needle we use is new and single-use, while all of our equipment is sterilized for patient safety.

Is permanent makeup actually permanent?

Results of a permanent makeup procedure can be very long-lasting; however, the color can fade over time. Many patients choose to have touch-up procedures done to preserve their results.

How long does it take to get permanent makeup?

It will depend on what you are having done, but the initial procedure can typically take about 2 – 3 hours. Many permanent makeup procedures are divided into two or more sessions, with the follow-up procedures usually shorter at around an hour or less.

What if I don’t like my permanent makeup?

It is important that you thoroughly consider your permanent makeup plan before you commit to a procedure since it is long-lasting. During your consultation at iContour Anti-Aging Center, we will work with you to help you decide on a permanent makeup plan that fits your aesthetic goals and help you prepare beforehand so you can make a confident decision.


For many individuals, permanent makeup is a great option for saving time and energy when getting ready in the morning. For others, it can be a restorative procedure to create beautiful, natural results. To learn more about permanent makeup on the eyebrows, eyelids, or lips, contact iContour Anti-Aging Center in Boston, MA, to schedule your consultation.

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