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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a great way to save time, effort, and cost of shaving, waxing, or something else by halting hair growth for long-term results.

What is the LightSheer DUET?

Combined with innovative vacuum technology and its dramatically-increased spot size, the NEW High Speed LightSheer offers a more pleasant and efficient option for hair removal. This is great news for both men and women, since backs and legs can now be treated comfortably in about 15-20 minutes, with no need for topical anesthetics or messy treatment gel.

LightSheer Duet has two treatment heads-the traditional 9×9mm which is still great for small tough to reach areas and the duet HS or high speed hand piece which is almost 10 times the size at 22x 35mm.

The new High Speed LightSheer produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted is well absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles (melanin). During the hair removal procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and heat up. As the hair follicle heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged. This damage significantly reduces the hair’s ability to re-grow, and results in permanent hair reduction over time.

  • More effective so fewer treatments may be needed
  • No anesthetic required and no messy gels and prep time.
  • No more painful treatments
  • 75 % faster treatment times (can treat a full back in 20 minutes)
  • Now able to treat darker skin types.
  • High-speed integrated vacuum-assist technology

How Does it Work?

The laser uses a beam of light which penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the pigment color in the hair where it is converted to heat. This heat travels down the hair shaft to the hair root and destroys it so that further hair cannot grow. Since the laser is only absorbed by the hair follicle, there is no damage to surrounding skin. Although it is considered a cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal benefits go beyond aesthetics. Being rid of unwanted hair can simplify your life, saving you the time, money, and inconvenience spent on waxing, shaving, tweezing, or depilatory creams.

Who Should Consider it?

Laser hair removal is a good choice for anyone who wants to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth on their face, chest, back, arms, legs, or bikini area. In the past, the best candidates were those with dark hair and light skin.

The innovative and industry leading Lightsheer DUET allows for treatment of all skin and hair types. Whether you’re Indian, African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, or Asian, the laser will treat your skin type safely and effectively.

What Should I Expect at my First Consultation?

At your initial consultation, we will evaluate the area(s) of unwanted hair, and determine the best treatment plan for achieving optimal results and review your medical history including medications, prior cosmetic procedures and any existing skin concerns.

Before each treatment we will ask about your recent tanning habits and any new medications. If you suspect you are pregnant it is important to let your technician know. Prior to approving your first treatment, we will do a test spot and wait for a specified period of time to ensure no reactions based on your personal skin type.

How Much Does it Cost?

Unlike many practices, we are upfront about costs, Click on Treatment Prices for more information and always evaluate your options that best fit your needs.

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Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Laser hair removal can be mild to moderately uncomfortable. Each individual hair follicle is surrounded by nerve endings.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, the FDA has approved laser hair removal as a safe means of permanent hairreduction. The laser settings used are individually chosen for your skin type and hair color to minimize the risk of any significant skin reaction. Prior to approving your first treatment, we will do a test spot and wait for a specified period of time to ensure no reactions based on your personal skin type.

How Does The Procedure Work?

  • The laser hair removal treatment may take as little as a few minutes or as long as one hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated. The Lumenis system covers the largest areas in the shortest amount of time, making it the most efficient system available for permanent hair reduction.
  • The handpiece is guided over the treatment area delivering intense pulses of laser light which are absorbed by the hair follicles, ultimately leaving these follicles damaged or destroyed.
  • There is very little discomfort associated with laser hair removal, due to the cooling mechanism of the laser equipment. Most patients compare it to a light snapping or stinging sensation.
  • Some patients experience slight redness following their treatment, comparable to a mild sunburn. This will fade quickly.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

Treatments will range from 10-30 mins on average depending on the size and location of the area being treated.

How Many Treatments Are Necessary?

On average, a good candidate would need between five and 8 sessions to see significant results. The number of sessions depends on various parameters, including the area of the body treated, skin color, coarseness of hair, and sex. Coarse dark hair on light skin is easiest to treat. A series of treatments should be spaced at 6 weeks apart for most cases.

Hair grows in cycles and only affects hair when it is in its early growth phase. In fact, the system will disable follicles that are actively producing hair at the time of treatment. At any time, some hair follicles are dormant. Repeated sessions will be necessary to treat these follicles when they re-enter the growth phase and most patients require several treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

After this initial series of treatments, hair growth in the treated area should be significantly diminished. Most patients find that any hair that does regrow in the treated area is very light and fine and does not require removal. Some patients will benefit from periodic maintenance treatments every 6 to 12 months.

What Should I do For Pre And Post Treatment?

If you are a laser hair removal or laser skin care client, please make sure you are aware of the following.

1.Avoid the sun and tanning salons for 6 weeks before and 4 weeks after Laser treatments.
2.It is best that you refrain from tweezing, waxing or threading immediately, shaving or trimming is better. However we can treat even though area has been tweezed.
3.It is recommended that you stop bleaching hair 2-3 days before your procedure.
4.RECENTLY TANNED SKIN CANNOT BE TREATED! If treated , you may develop hypopigmentation (white spots) after treatment and this may not clear for 6 months.
5.The use of tanning skin products must be discontinued 1 week before treatment.
6.On the day of the laser treatment, shave all areas to be treated and DO NOT APPLY any Lotions, Body oils, Perfumes, deodorants, or makeup in the area to be treated.

1.Immediately after treatment, there should be erythema(redness), edema(swelling), and bumps at the treatment site, which may last up to 2 hours or longer. The erythema may last up to 2-3 days. The treated area will feel like sunburn for few hours after treatment.
2.Aloe-Vera, cold packs or any other cooling preparations may be used to ease temporary discomfort. Darker pigmented people may have more discomfort than lighter skin people and may require aloe-vera gel and ice longer.
3.Avoid prolonged sun exposure for 4 weeks before and after treatment.
4.Use sunblock (SPF 30+) at all times throughout the course of treatment.
5.Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin. Do not use any other hair removal methods or products (tweezing, waxing or electrolysis) on the treated area except for shaving or trimming during the course of your laser treatment, as it will prevent you from achieving your best results.
6.Anywhere from 2-30 days after the treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur and this may appear as new hair growth. This is NOT new hair growth, but dead hair pushing its way out of the follicle. You can clean and remove the hair by washing or scrubbing the area with a wet washcloth or loofa sponge.
7.There are no restrictions on bathing except to treat the skin gently, as if you had sunburn, for the first 24 hours.
8.If you experience any brown crusting, do not pick or scratch. Allow it to fall off naturally. In rare cases you may have areas that develop blisters. Do not pick or remove the scabs. Apply antibiotics cream twice daily until healed. The area will heal in 5-7 days.
9.Call H2 Laser & Skin with any questions or concerns you may have after the treatment.

For Optimum results it is important that you keep all of your appointments. Your follow-up treatments customized to your individual conditions and your schedule has a direct effect on the final results of your treatments.

Are There Any Complications?

Fortunately, the complications of laser hair removal are rare if it’s done by an experienced and skilled laser technician. You should expect a certain degree of pain, swelling and redness around the hair follicle after each treatment session. These symptoms resolve over the following 24 hours.

The following problems may occur with the hair removal system:

Pain: Traditional 9 X 9 mm handpiece: some Clients feel discomfort during treatment. Exposure is limited to an extremely short pulse. Clients report the treatment feels like a rubber band snap. This discomfort may range from mild to moderate and does not last long. A mild burning sensation may last for up to one hour. A cold compress or ice pack may be used if desired. HS handpiece: due to the vacuum application and the lower range of fluence used, discomfort is usually minimal.

Short term effects may include reddening, mild burning, temporary bruising or blistering. Hyper-pigmentation (browning) and hypo-pigmentation (lightening) have also been noted after treatment. These conditions usually resolve within 3-6 months, but permanent color change is a rare risk. Sun exposure must be avoided 3-4 weeks prior to therapy and after, as exposure to the sun may intensify hyper-pigmentation.

Swelling: May sometimes occur immediately after treatment. This is temporary and not harmful. Cold packs or anti–inflammatory preparation may reduce the swelling.

Infection: Although, infecction following treatment is unusual, bacterial, fungal and viral infections can occur. Herpes simplex virus infections around the mouth can occur following a treatment. This applies to individuals with history of herpes simplex virus infections. Should any type of skin infections occur, additional treatment or medical antibiotics may be needed. If you have a history of herpes simplex virus in the treated area we recommend preventative therapy.

Bleeding: Pinpoint bleeding is rare but can occur following treatment procedures. Should bleeding occur, additional treatment may be necessary.

Allergic Reactions: In rare cases, local allergies to tape, preservatives used in cosmetics or topical preparations have been reported. Systemic reactions (which are more serious) may result from prescription medicines (we do not use these).

Fragile skin: The skin that has been treated should be treated gently for a few days. It should not be rubbed and when applying makeup pat gently. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment as long as the skin is not broken. If that occurs, you may apply antibiotic cream and avoid the application of makeup.

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