PRX-T33 biorevitalization treatment is a form of chemical peel that is able to correct various visual imperfections found on the facial skin.


If you're unhappy with the current state of your skin, the talented team at iContour Anti-Aging Center offers PRX-T33, a biorevitalization treatment that is designed to leave your skin looking refreshed and renewed. Unlike many other chemical peels, this treatment does not peel as it helps to enhance the look and feel of skin on the face, neck, or body. At our Boston, MA office, we are highly experienced in using PRX-T33 in order to resolve skin imperfections, including scars, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven patches, hyperpigmentation issues, and stretch marks. As your skin begins the rejuvenation process, you should see a clearer, smoother complexion. A PRX-T33 session is a nonsurgical way to make your skin bright, smooth, and stunning with no downtime, risks, or side effects.


The vast majority of our patients describe PRX-T33 as a very comfortable treatment with little to no pain. Additionally, it is noninvasive, works on all skin types, and can be performed throughout the year, opening up the treatment to virtually all patients. The procedure itself can usually be performed in less than an hour as patients lie comfortably in one of our private treatment rooms. Most of our patients utilize this treatment in order to tighten their skin, reduce pore size, decrease wrinkles, eliminate hyperpigmentation, and diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks. PRX-T33 is made up of a unique combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide, which allows it to revitalize the dermis without causing the massive exfoliation that is often associated with chemical peels. This solution is able to reach deep layers of the skin in order to hydrate, tighten, and smooth the skin without affecting the surface layers. During this time, it is also contributing to the creation of fibroblasts and growth factors within the area.

Once your session is over, you'll be free to return to your normal schedule without having to worry about pain, recovery, or downtime. Even better, your results will be noticed and felt almost immediately. However, these results will only improve as time passes and the collagen stimulated by the treatment begins to benefit the skin. We usually recommend patients schedule about 3 – 5 sessions spaced one week apart in order to achieve the maximum results capable of PRX-T33. Each of these treatments will slowly build upon the last until eventually, your skin is the smooth, glowing complexion you've always dreamed about.



Even if you are new or experienced in the field of skin rejuvenation procedures, PRX-T33 will provide results, unlike anything you've ever witnessed. Your freshly rejuvenated skin will thank you by looking healthy and incredibly soft. Contact iContour Anti-Aging Center in Boston, MA, to schedule your skin consultation with a member of our team today for the PRX-T33 biorevitalization treatment.


Can the application be performed at any age?

Yes, PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is safe to use on clients aged 5 and upwards:

  • 5-12 years: scars (chicken pox, impetigo)
  • 12-25 years: a substitute for facial cleansing (smoothes epidermis and facilitates the removal and pustules), stretch marks
  • 25-35 years: stretch marks
  • 35-45 years: beautification of the face, of the body, help prevention of skin ageing, sagging breast skin
  • 45 years: hypotonic skin, sagging breast skin - Always suit the application technique to the type of skin, and monitor the skin's reaction during the application.

Can the application be performed on any skin type?

The application is contraindicated on skin affected by seborrheic dermatitis, herpetic eruptions, angular cheilitis, or otherwise damaged. Remember that some skins may be particularly reactive to acidic products ("sensitive skin"), even if they don't present visible symptoms. Clients with sensitive skin may react with redness or report a burning sensation during the session; in this case stop the session and apply WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin.

Can the application be performed on any skin color?

Yes, PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is safe to use on all photo-types. There is no risk of hyperpigmentation in high photo-types. Asian skin is often more prone to irritation and is very delicate in the zygomatic area, so apply with fewer layers and a more delicate massage. 

How long does the application take in office?

A face and neck application takes around 20 minutes, including pre and post-application.

How many sessions are recommended? How long should we wait in between sessions?

You will see an immediate improvement after the first session, but the full results are brought about repeating the sessions. The optimal interval between sessions is one week, but you can schedule sessions 10 or 15 days apart.

Is there anyone who would not be a good candidate?

The application is contraindicated on sensitive skin (see above), or skin affected by seborrheic dermatitis, herpetic eruptions, angular cheilitis, or otherwise damaged. People with unrealistic expectations, mental health problems, or unable or unwilling to comply with the post care program should also be excluded.

Can you use the product on pregnant/breastfeeding persons?

No. PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is not systemically toxic, but pregnant/breastfeeding persons are ineligible for application.

How will the skin look immediately after application?

Immediately after the application the skin will look brighter and feel smoother and firmer; there may be some redness or light flaking, but these will recede in the following days with the use of WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin. After the full cycle the skin’s texture will be more even and the pores and fine wrinkles will be less visible. The overall appearance of the skin will be rejuvenated and fresher.

What is the downtime. Possible side effects?

PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid does not cause heavy peeling. Redness, flaking and itching are normal aftereffects. All skin types react differently, some may present no aftereffects at all, other to varying extents. More severe side effects could be caused by undiagnosed underlying pathologies or by an incorrect application technique. It may be that the application of PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid highlights a subclinical dermatological condition: this will give you a chance to diagnose and treat it before re-assessing the client’s eligibility for PRX- T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid application.

What is PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC? Is it a peel?

PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid provides an immediate aesthetic improvement, deep hydration and an effective dermal stimulation. Even though one of PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid’s ingredients (TCA) has historically been used as a peeling agent, PRX- T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid itself is not a peel: it doesn’t cause frosting and subsequent desquamation, but it helps to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin without harming the superficial ones.

Why is PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid different than a peel?

 Peels work by removing old skin cells and exposing the new skin underneath. This process can be more or less invasive - depending on the depth and aggressiveness of the peeling agent used, but all peels expose you to downtime (i.e. you’ll have to wait for the flakes to fall off) and risks (i.e. hypo- and hyper-pigmentation, infection). PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid on the other hand helps to stimulate the skin to create new collagen, which gives it structure and elasticity, with no downtime and none of the risks commonly associated with peels. 

How many applications do I need to see a difference in my skin?

One session is sufficient to achieve an immediate but temporary glow effect, more (4 to 6 depending on your level of chronoageing) are needed for longer lasting new collagen formation. After assessing your skin your doctor will advise you on the best course of action for you.

How long do I have to wait in between sessions?

Seven days is the optimum interval, but you can agree a different regimen with your provider.

If I am doing this before an event, how many days prior should I schedule the appointment?

If you are already familiar with PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid and you know your skin’s reaction to it, you could even have it done on the same day of your event. If this is the first time you have PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid, or if you’re receiving the application after a long time from the last session, we suggest you allow up to 5 days for your skin to resolve any flaking / redness that may occur.

What should I expect immediately post-application?

After the application your skin will look brighter, plumper, tighter, more rested. There could be some flaking (it means that your skin needed to shed some excess dead cells), moderate redness. Both the flaking and the redness are alleviated by WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin. Please note that after application with PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid your skin may become sensitized to cosmetics. Stick to the WiQo home care program prescribed by your doctor to avoid any side effects.

Am I able to work out/ wear makeup/ be in the sun after application?

Yes, but avoid saunas / steam baths for a few days. Yes, you’ll be able to wear makeup immediately after the session. Yes, you can go in the sun provided you wear a high-level SPF filter suitable to your skin type. Be aware that PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid may thin your epidermis, making it tan quicker but also more prone to sunburn. PRX- T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is non-photosensitising.

Is there any downtime after the application?

No, you’ll be able to resume your social and professional life immediately after the session. Any redness / light flaking can be addressed with the application of WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin.

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