Facials follow a three-step process that helps reduce the size of pores, cleanse the skin, and exfoliate dead skin for a healthy, glowing appearance.


Having a good home skin care routine is necessary to maintain a healthy complexion, but every now and then, you may need better results with a medical-grade facial. Customized based on the concerns and needs of your complexion, our team suggests regular facials for our Boston, Brookline, and Dover, MA patients to make their complexion healthy. After a consultation to assess visible and hidden skin damage, the ideal products and techniques will be combined to treat your skin. For the ultimate facial, upgrade your facial by adding a complementary procedure, such as BOTOX®. Make your appointment to get a professional facial at iContour Anti-Aging Center in Boston, MA to raise the beauty and health of your face to a higher level.


Facials at iContour Anti-Aging Center are suitable for all ages and skin types since they are personalized to each person's needs and goals. Typically, facials are used to correct early signs of aging  (wrinkles, fine lines, dryness), improve damaged skin from the sun (dark spots, rough texture, and uneven tone), provide deep cleaning to help clogged pores and acne, and to brighten dull, sallow skin. Facials are also designed to help teens or adults with chronic conditions like acne outbreaks, rosacea, and sensitive skin. The effects of a facial may be enhanced by combining another skin treatment like a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or an injectable procedure.


After your consultation to choose your custom treatment based on your skin's condition and needs, you can lie back in one of our treatment rooms as your facial begins. Every facial will be personalized, but most treatments follow a three-step process: cleanse pores, exfoliate, and treat skin concerns with a custom-made mask. After cleaning your face, steam is often used to open clogged skin pores so blackheads and whiteheads can be easily extracted. This is typically followed by exfoliation. A serum or mask is usually then massaged in to deeply nourish your skin. To end the treatment, an SPF moisturizer selected for your skin type will be smoothed on to protect you from UV damage following the treatment. Oftentimes, our facials will include a massage of the face to get the blood circulating. After your facial, you may notice some irritation and redness, but this should subside on its own in a day. Many patients will have visible improvements in the appearance and touch of their complexion immediately after their facial. To extend the results of your facial, ask one of our experienced team members about developing a home skin care program and how frequently you can have a facial treatment at iContour Anti-Aging Center. We suggest getting a facial every 3 – 4 weeks as that is the life cycle of your skin.

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At iContour Anti-Aging Center in Boston, MA, we believe in the benefits of feeling and looking beautiful. Our team has found that our patients who get frequent facial treatments tend to have healthier and clearer skin. Every facial at iContour Anti-Aging Center is personalized for your skin type and needs so let us help you put your most beautiful face to the world. Contact our Boston, MA office to make your appointment for a professional facial or any of our skin treatments.

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