What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Jowls?

Jowls are an annoying issue for a significant number of people regardless of gender especially after they age. While it may be a natural variation in the skin due to aging, there can be annoying issues in some people. As jowls are seen as uninvited by several individuals, there has been the advent of many cosmetic procedures that reduce the issues of healthy skin around the jaw, chin, and neckline. But as it is a cosmetic procedure, the accurate nature of the treatments is hugely reliant on every individual, their skin type, and expectations. If you are among people who are looking to resolve their jowl issues with non-surgical treatments, some of them can suit your needs by visibly reducing the appearance of jowls.

How Do The Jowls Form?

Jowls are usually formed due to the extra build-up of fat on the lower portion of the face. Jowls form due to the loss of collagen that initiates the downward movement of fat in the face. It is normal for fat depositions to migrate to the lower portion of the face as the body ages. The combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases as there is a substantial loss of volume in your face. So, the facial muscles will begin sagging due to the lack of support and the fatty accumulation adds weight to the loose skin that is present along the jawline.

There are some other reasons for the development of jowls either including:

  • Regular facial expressions can stretch out the face or neck skin and cause the development of jowls.
  • Increased exposure to UV rays in the sun can lead to denting the collagen percentage in the skin causing skin sagging in earlier stages of life.
  • Whenever there is a huge gain of weight there will be stretching of the skin to protect the complete body weight and if you lose any weight, this stretched skin will lead to sagging.
  • Genetics has a big say in influencing the generation of jowls and their occurrence in some days. In the situation where one or two parents have jowls, their children have more chance to develop them over time. If the skin is thinner with fewer concentrations of collagen, you will have jowls much earlier than expected.
  • Long exposure to smartphones and computer screens has shown the sagging of skin around the neck.
  • Cigarettes consist of Nicotine and other harmful compounds that can cause damage to collagen and elastin while also narrowing the blood vessels. This causes a restriction in the normal blood circulation restricting the ability of the skin from getting enough nutrients such as vitamin A to keep it healthy.
  • The presence of jowls can be annoying as it makes a person look aged than he is. Regardless of your overall health condition and fitness, the existence of jowls can give you a tired look on the face. But there are chances that if you maintain the overall fitness, the presence of jowls can be delayed to some extent. Several non-surgical methods can be employed to tighten the facial skin and resolve the issue of jowls.

Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Jowls:

Filler Injections:

Dermal filler injections have proven to be effective in decreasing various aging skin issues mainly in the facial region and jowls. As we age, the skin loses its firmness, elastin/collagen, and overall thickness. It leads to skin losing its stiffness and develop that sagging appearance. Dermal filler treatments especially with Hyaluronic acid have been found effective for the treatment of jowls. They return the fullness and youthful appearance for sagging neck, jawline, and chin regions. But the key to success is to select the right filler and accurate analysis of the target region. They are usually outpatient procedures with no or mild preparation and downtimes. But even the results will not be permanent and repeat treatments will be required in the future.

Thermal Jawline Tightening:

  • This treatment employs measured heat and radiofrequency pulses from a tool termed the Thermatip to deliver skin stiffening effects around the jaw region. The target region can be exposed to these controlled pulses several times to improve the condition. There will be minor downtime and the complete treatment is performed within a single day.
  • Radiotherapy procedure makes the skin function as if the skin is being damaged, which will encourage the natural healing process in the skin yielding stiffer and youthful skin.
  • But radiotherapy requires patients to undergo multiple sessions to get complete results unlike ultrasound treatment or filler injections. Even though the procedure has been effective in resolving the skin sagging in the target region, it has also shown some adverse effects in some patients.

Ultrasound Therapy:

Similar to filler injections, the basic advantage of this procedure is its quick and simple nature. This FDA-approved treatment will not involve any kind of downtime with no or mild discomfort. There have been several instances of sagging jowls by lifting and tightening the muscle and skin tissues. Ultrasound therapy works by encouraging the production of higher levels of collagen in the skin and leading to smoother, firm, and elastic-looking skin. It has been found generally safe for a majority of people as there no or very rare cases of any side effects. But similar to injections, these procedures may last for longer but are temporary and you will need follow-up sessions.

Signature Jowl Lift Treatment at iContour:

This advanced treatment is targeted to refine and fade off the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. Signature Jowl Lift treatment employs cutting-edge skin exfoliation methods combined with regenerating effects of micro-current stimulation and LED light therapy to stimulate skin tissue repair and healing. Under expert hands, this procedure can be performed both as stand-alone or combined with exclusive other treatments.

Final Thoughts:

You can achieve optimal results from the jowl lift at iContour that offers a tailored aesthetic anti-aging service using state-of-the-art technology. You will be assured of optimal safety from highly trained professionals in a relaxing atmosphere.

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