What Is Scar Camouflage? And Why Should You Care?

A scar is a mark that remains on the skin after the healing of an injury. As the skin undergoes an injury, the body produces collagen to restructure the tissues that are shattered. Once the healing is completed, the skin may be discolored or raised in appearance. Scars can be unattractive and awkward to people who have them. Moreover, they may act as a reminder of a trauma, injury, or other difficult times that you may don’t want to remember. Thanks to medical science, there are few advanced techniques like Scar Camouflage that can decrease, improve, and mask the scars resulting from illness, injury, surgery, or trauma. While you will recover physically, medical tattooing will aid in you recovering psychologically and regain your self-confidence.

What Is Scar Camouflage?

Scar camouflage is the process of tattooing the skin with various colors of skin color pigments. It is a precise part of permanent cosmetics that are listed under the segment of medical tattooing and done with a focus to mask the skin area that is lacking its original color. This process is also termed Skin Re-pigmentation, Camouflage Tattooing, and Skin camouflage. The treatment involves the creation of pigment and matching the patient skin, depending on the natural skin tone. The procedure may require several sessions to blend with the other skin parts after several sessions.

Both men and women can be aided by scar camouflage techniques aided by its non-invasive nature. There will be minimal pain after the procedure without any downtime letting you go back to your routine sooner. Complete healing may require 2 to 3 months after the procedure depending on the specific skin concerns. They are extremely beneficial in treating a wide range of scars resulting from surgeries, injuries, age spots, birthmarks, etc.

Scar Camouflage Treatment Procedure:

Scar camouflage treatment procedure uses a tattooing technique that places colored pigment into the upper layers of the skin. Specialist technicians will use precise tattoo pigments to fade off the scars and achieve natural skin tone. A topical numbing cream may be applied to achieve a maximum level of comfort during the procedure on sensitive regions without any issues. The pigments are approved by FDA and safe when performed by qualified skin experts. Scar camouflage procedure can also be employed in regions where there is a growth of hair like eyebrows and other regions. Due to this benefit, this procedure can be employed after a treatment like a hair transplant.

Who Is Eligible For This Treatment?

  • Every patient will have a unique skin type and overall health condition. Skin experts will design a customized plan depending on your specific skin condition, requirements, and other aspects. You have to ensure in explaining your complete medical history to the skin expert before deciding on the procedure.
  • This treatment is highly effective when done on regions that are not exposed to sunlight daily. As the skin around the treated region will change when exposed to sun rays, the tattooed region will remain the same. Hence, scar camouflage treatments are not advised for regions that are exposed to sunlight.
  • The eligibility of scars is highly dependent on the duration of formation which should be at least 6 months. Due to the risk with red pigments and specific scar tissue, we suggest a patch test before the scheduled procedure.

What Do You Specially Need To Know About Camouflaging?

  • Camouflage tattooing treatment will not completely change the scar and get back to its original color. This procedure will not eliminate the scar so that it looks exactly similar before any unwanted event. It will only decrease the color difference to mask the scar and make it less visible on the exterior. But the exact result in masking the scar depends on the tone of the skin, overall health condition, and skin type in the patients.
  • This treatment is only best suited for regions that are not frequently exposed to sun rays since the skin will surely change its tone when exposed to sun rays, but the added pigments will surely not. Each scar is unique relying on multiple aspects like location, body, shape, size, tone, scar depth, and much more. Some scars will need only one session but others may need multiple treatments to showcase fruitful results. An experienced medical tattoo expert will create a specific plan for every patient to meet the specific requirements. Results are shown gradually and increase with every treatment session.
  • This procedure will not be an accurate match to the adjacent skin color. This is because there will be continuous variation in skin color from body temperature, blood circulation, and skin tanning issues. The pigment in the tattoo will not show any variations in the skin when it is exposed to tanning booths or UV rays. Hence, this process cannot be termed as a permanent solution among a majority of people.
  • As this treatment is performed on unhealthy skin that has undergone extreme damage and the response can’t be predicted easily. The scar region may include some areas that accept or reject the pigment.
  • Usually, the treated region may appear reddish for a few days after the procedure and show signs of healing after some days. If there any adverse effects, then you have to inform your doctor immediately.
  • As the pigment is attached to the skin, it fades over time, relying on the nature of the scar and following the aftercare instructions. There many proven instances of this treatment being effective for even 15 years. So, it is key to choose an experienced medical tattoo practitioner who can analyze your specific scar, skin, and requirements.

Bottom Line:

The sudden appearance of any kind of scar can have an impact on the self-esteem of any individual. If you want to get an effective scar camouflage treatment then associate with an expert like iContour Anti-Aging Center. We have micro pigment experts who are trained, licensed, and follow hygienic practices to provide precise treatments and productive results.

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