How Do I Take Care Of My Lips After Permanent Makeup?

Have you ever dreamt of having irresistibly luscious lips? It is one of the features of the face that strikes like lighting and stuns like a train. That’s why many people consider putting on cosmetic lipstick, lipgloss, and lip tint, but these makeups do not last and fade within just a couple of hours which many women find appalling since it wrecks the evening. That’s why most people also consider Permanent Makeup, thus Lip Micropigmentation.

What is Lip Micropigmentation anyways? And since we’re talking about the duration of effect, it usually depends on the aftercare you give to your lips after the procedure. Let’s check out some aftercare that you must keep in mind to achieve and retain those irresistibly luscious lips. What do you know, maybe you’re the next Lip Queen after Angelina Jolie!

Before we go to the aftercare tips for your lips, let’s take a quick look at Permanent Makeup – Lip Micropigmentation.

Lip Micropigmentation is a Permanent Makeup procedure that uses semipermanent cosmetic tattoos. Like a standard tattoo procedure, a handheld tattoo machine delivers needles into the lips, but the difference is that instead of permanent ink, the needles deposit pigments into the lips. Although it is often called lip tattooing, the procedure is more of a cosmetic enhancement by altering the shape and the color rather than an art form of tattooing. Besides, it is a semipermanent tattoo that usually lasts between 5 to 6 years, but it can last for up to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. A worthy procedure to achieve the Lip Queen Title!

So, how do you take care of your lips after Permanent Makeup?

1. Patience Is A Virtue

Before we proceed with the actual aftercare, you need to understand that the desired result is not instant nor immediate, so you need to be patient. It is crucial to understand the process. One the first four to five days after the procedure, you’ll experience gentle and gradual exfoliation of the outer part of the lip skin and thoroughly exfoliates after 7 to 10 days. After the scabbing and peeling, you’ll notice that the color achieved on the first day of the process starts to become lighter and loses 20% to 50% of its color and vibrance. You might even notice some uneven spots due to the natural regeneration of the skin. But there is nothing to worry about; it’s completely normal. After 3 to 4 weeks, the pigment deposited in the lips will become visibly stable. You will undergo a second pigment application to adjust the color, vibrance, and shape of the permanent makeup. So keep it cool and gather all the patience that you can. It will be worth the while, Future Lip Queen!

2. Do not apply makeup on the treated area for a week or two.

It is ideal to cease putting on makeup on the treated area to avoid aggregating the typical side effects of the treatment. Chemicals from makeup can infect the small wounds caused by the needles used to deposit the pigments. And just like any wounds, they could be sensitive and prone to most products and dirt. You’re on your way to achieve the best lips you’ve ever had, so it will be worth letting it heal in the meantime.

3. Apply a layer of ointment or cream

It is most likely that your doctor will prescribe an ointment or cream that would help heal and protect your lips. Remember to use a cotton swab when applying an ointment or cream to avoid any germ or dirt that may lead to swelling or infection.

4. Avoid picking, rubbing, and touching the treated area.

Treat your lips like any other wound; it is prone to dirt and germs from direct contact. Avoid picking, rubbing, and touching the area from time to time to avoid these external factors that could lead to unwanted severe side effects. In addition to this, plucking, picking, scratching, rubbing the treated lips can cause uneven spots or even lose more color than usual. You can compare it to permanent art tattoos wherein no matter how good the artist is, — if the recipient is stubborn enough and scratches the area while healing, the tattoo could turn out ugly, rigid, uneven, and pale. Although uncommon on lips, scratching, picking, and rubbing can also lead to keloid formation.

5. Avoid any body of water.

Swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, or any other big body of water should be avoided until Lip Micropigmentation, and Permanent Makeup become stable. Especially on bodies of water wherein many people get into, like the pool wherein you don’t know if chemicals and even urine might be present. You don’t want those to enter your wounds, right? You probably know it already by now without any further explanation because you definitely said “EEK!” in your mind.

6. Avoid hot and spicy food.

Nothing could be more irritating and painful than applying alcohol on a burnt area. The same goes for the treated areas. Aside from the direct contact of the lips with spicy food, you might not resist touching and rubbing it to ease the spiciness. Additionally, you should avoid eating too hot food for your mouth and lips; it can cause burns and undesirable side effects. Don’t worry. It will be just for a week or so.

7. Avoid direct and excessive sunlight.

As UV sunrays are enough to break our skin gradually, it could worsen your treated lips. Avoid direct and excessive sunlight to avoid unpleasing results and even side effects. This tip applies not only to your treated lips but also to your skin to maintain youthfulness and smoothness.

8. Keep it clean

The most common cause of severe side effects is external factors that touch the treated area. Although you might not be touching, scratching, or rubbing it at all, it is essential to keep the area clean and free from germs and bacteria. Keep it clean by lightly washing it with gentle soap and pat dry using a clean tissue.

Side effects such as mild swelling, redness, and a bit of crookedness in the lips are common in Permanent Makeup, such as Lip Micropigmentation. You just need to give intense care to the treated area to avoid severe side effects that could lead to worse and undesirable results. There are just two major tips for Lip Pigmentation aftercare. These are cleanliness and patience to make it short.

On your way to becoming the next Lip Queen? We can provide you with a satisfying result that you have never imagined! Stun them like a truck and strike them like lightning with the irresistibly luscious lips that we’re going to help you achieve. iContour will lead you the way to becoming the next Beauty Queen.

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