Why Your Permanent Cosmetics Are Missing The Mark? How Can You Fix It?

You may be struggling to apply good makeup every day due to poor eyesight, shaky hands, or any other medical conditions that could prevent you from applying makeup to certain areas. Even without any of these issues, you would be leading a busy lifestyle with no significant time to execute makeup on the key areas. If any of these are your problems, then you might consider having permanent cosmetics as a solution. But you might be unsure about the working of permanent cosmetics and their safety for long-term usage.

What Are Permanent Cosmetics?

  • In common words, permanent cosmetics or makeup is tattooing on specific areas to enhance facial features. It is generally carried with an iron oxide pen that tattoos the skin and provides the look of makeup. Also termed micro-pigmentation, this process employs natural or mineral origin pigments to place them on the uppermost layer of the skin termed epidermis. This is carried out with the aid of sterilized and disposable micro needles for improving facial features.
  • This procedure can create the look of lipstick, eyeliner, or increase the shade of eyebrows. This procedure is also used to mask the look of scars and aid with the look of an uneven hairline. It will be a solid option for people who have any underlying medical condition or allergies to traditional makeup. Permanent cosmetics will also provide an excellent solution to mask the issues of pigmentation such as breast surgery or hair loss due to any illness. It will aid them to look at their best in dealing with the challenges of applying makeup.


  • Permanent cosmetics are missing the mark when patients don’t take proper aftercare to post the procedure. Neglecting to take proper care by following all the given instructions could be crucial in failing the results or lead to bizarre consequences. With a proper healing response, we can get accurate results after the procedure.
  • There are instances where patients will not know the importance or completely neglect these activities and instructions given by skincare experts. Individuals may constantly touch or pick the crust or harshly scrub the treated area. There are instances where patients may scratch their scabs accidentally or during their sleep.
  • They have to apply the healing creams or gels in an appropriate amount to ensure that the healing response is generated accurately. Skin will require to breathe properly and overusing the healing cream will interrupt its natural process. It may block the passage of oxygen and lead to adverse effects. Even making use of chemicals that are not gentle may cause permanent makeups to come out.
  • You must take care to not expose to the sun rays, sweat a lot, or enter the pool that can have a high effect on the skin. An ideal way is to oblige all the instructions and follow them carefully. Reliable aesthetic experts will perform the procedure in a sterile environment while also provide all the necessary instruction to clients. These instructions must be altered according to the specific medical history, skin type and the volume of the treatment are of the patient. Therefore, care must be taken while choosing your aesthetic expert who can make or break the success of this procedure.

Basic Aftercare Steps In Permanent Cosmetics:

  • Clean the pigmented area after the procedure with warm water and recommended soap. Ensure to pat and dry the area carefully.
  • Recommended soothing cream must be spread evenly as a thin protective layer for it to be absorbed properly. Clean your fingers well or employ a use and throw spatula to apply these creams on the treated surface.
  • Make sure to keep the skin moisturized and repeat the cream application process for the recommended period.
  • Do not wear or cover the skin region with tight, synthetic garments or usage of traditional makeup.
  • Refrain from exposure to sun rays totally for some days even with sunscreens, avoid entering the pool or saltwater.
  • Never scrub or scratch the treated area and make use of moisturizer when required.

When Do Permanent Cosmetics Pose A Risk?

  • With the involvement of needles in this procedure, there is always some amount of risk if certain precautions are not taken properly. Needles and other equipment must be sterilized properly. Ensure to take a patch test before the actual procedure as the body can respond differently to the ink used in the treatment. Not performing the procedure properly will lead to complications of crusting, bleeding, swelling, injury to eyelashes, and eyelids.
  • This procedure poses a risk of having fever blisters when performed on lips. Hence, skin experts may ask you to take antiviral medications before the procedure. There are huge risks if you don’t use new lipstick, mascara, or foundation after the days following the procedure of introducing the bacteria. Some patients who have taken antibiotics before a dental procedure are advised to follow the same during this procedure.
  • There will be some amount of tenderness or swelling for some days after the procedure. But ensure to not wear any makeup or eyeliners if performed on those areas for at least 72 hours. After the recommended period, use only brand-new mascara or other makeup items. The area around the eyes is sensitive and could lead to complications if all the suggestions are not followed properly.
  • Therefore, you have to make thorough research while choosing the aesthetic expert for this procedure. The patients have to be instructed properly on preventing the infections or all the other complications after the procedure. The treated area must be taken care of like a wound and must be kept clean at the ball the times. Consult the doctors immediately if in case they find any abnormalities such as excessive swelling, redness, or filling of pus.

Bottom Line:

To avoid any permanent makeup problems, it’s advisable to get the procedures done by qualified personnel. iContour Anti-Aging Center provides a personalized aesthetic anti-aging service using state-of-the-art technology provided by highly trained professionals.

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