What Can Make My Hands Look Younger?

Everyone talks about making their faces look younger and their stomach fat slimmer, but no one seems to pay attention to the part of the body that can just as quickly look old. Our hands can look older than we are. But fortunately, there are hand rejuvenation techniques and procedures like CACI treatment readily available.

Obtaining and maintaining beauty requires both preventive and restorative steps. Let’s discuss the steps within both categories.

Hand Rejuvenation: Preventative Steps

Prevention is better than cure. To preserve the youthful appearance of your hands, here are our recommended preventive measures:

Wear Gloves When Washing Dishes
The skin on your hands is sensitive. And ironically, the hands are the most exposed to chemicals that dry out the skin. Washing dishes, for example, dry out the skin on your hands.

The hot water and the harsh dishwashing soap strip the hands of precious oils and moisture. The absence of the natural oils causes the hands to look parched – it can even cause a cracked look.

Plus, the perfumes and other chemicals in dish soaps can irritate the skin. In some cases, these same perfumes can trigger eczema. Don’t let your hands dry out; wear dishwashing gloves to avoid losing the hands’ natural oils and moisture.

Moisturize the Hands Frequently
As already mentioned above, the hands are exposed to frequent washing. These frequent washings sap the moisture out of the hands. To prevent hard-to-reverse damage, moisturize your hands regularly.

Using lotions and moisturizing creams maintains the moisture in the skin. Additionally, lotions and creams with vitamin E, shea butter, or olive oil are effective for hand rejuvenation. And if you have facial products that boost the skin’s collagen production, applying them on your hands wouldn’t hurt as they help plump up the skin on your hands.

However, be sure to avoid products that cause peeling or oversensitivity to sunlight.

Apply Sunscreen
Speaking of sunlight, wear sunscreen. Sunspots on the hands form after years of exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or tanning beds. Though there are treatments such as laser therapies that neutralize over pigmentation of the skin, it’s better to take preventive instead of corrective steps.

But to avoid having to spend money on easily preventable problems, wear sunscreen instead of waiting for sunspots to appear. Daily application of sunscreen can save you a lot of worries in the long run.

The palms of the hands are layered with dead skin cells, which provide an extra layer of protection from the sun’s UV rays. So when applying sunscreen, take better notice of the back of your hands as these parts are more vulnerable than the palms. And make sure to reapply after every hand washing.

Exfoliate Regularly
Who wants dead skin cells to pile up on their hands? Dead skin cells not only make your hands look, well, dead, but they prevent treatment from taking full effect. Regular gentle exfoliation of the skin is like a lovely little ribbon that ties all of our preventive tips together.

A lot of the tips given here include applying skincare products. Make sure that you have the best skin care regime and the best skincare products. If not, you might be doing more harm than good to your skin.

Hand Rejuvenation: Restorative Steps

What if it’s too late to take preventive steps to take care of your hands? Do they still have hope of looking young again? Absolutely!

When it comes to hand rejuvenation (or skin rejuvenation in general), you have many options. Here is a list of the most effective treatments to restore the youthful look of your hands in no time.

CACI Treatment
What is CACI treatment? CACI means computer-aided cosmetology instrument. It’s a machine that uses micro-current and specific waveforms to transmit electrical signals to an area of the body.

The signals tell the body to boost muscle tone and skin tissue around the area where the machine is applied. The fantastic thing about CACI treatment is that it adapts to anyone’s unique bioelectricity to produce the desired results.

CACI treatment can improve skin tone and texture. The treatment can reduce wrinkles, fine lines; lighten up blemishes and spots; and revitalize the skin to make it look younger.

CACI is non-invasive. It doesn’t need surgical intervention. It causes very minimal pain and is easily accessible but still delivers radical results.

Microneedling Treatment
Microneedling treatment is a non-traumatic method of skin and hand rejuvenation. It aids in hydrating and restoring the skin’s natural glow. Although microneedling is commonly applied on facial skin, neck, and décolleté, it is applicable on all parts of the body to reverse the signs of aging.

It smoothens and tightens the skin on the hands. It softens the appearance of lines, spots, UV damage, and so much more.

Scar Camouflage Treatment
What if your hand looks like it’s been through war? Is there something you can do to fix it? Scar camouflage treatment is a permanent fix.

Scar camouflage – also called skin re-pigmentation, camouflage tattooing, and skin camouflage – is the process of tattooing with skin color pigments to mask areas of the skin lacking its original color. The procedure includes creating coloring that matches your skin color and covering the discolored part of the skin.

The procedure is non-invasive and involves minimal pain. There’s no downtime, but complete healing may take two to three months after the treatment.

Scar camouflage treatment does not remove the scar or sunspots. But it can diminish the color difference between the offending part of the skin and your natural skin color.

Do You Need Hand Rejuvenation Experts?

Scar camouflage treatment does not remove the scar or sunspots. But it can diminish the color difference between the offending part of the skin and your natural skin color.

Your hands need as much tender loving care as the rest of your body. For optimum hand rejuvenation, be sure to take all preventive measures necessary and suitable restorative measures when the look of your hands spins out of control. Treatments like scar camouflage, microneedling, and CACI treatment are readily available through aesthetic experts like iContour.

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