Can Cellulite Reduction Diminish Cellulite Anywhere on the Body?

At iContour Anti-Aging Center, located in Boston, MA, our team of aesthetic professionals works diligently to provide for our patients’ cosmetic needs. Among our wide array of treatment options, we utilize cutting-edge cellulite reduction technology to reduce unwanted cellulite to smooth out the skin in multiple treatment areas of the body. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of cellulite reduction.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite refers to the collection of fat that pushes against the connective tissue of the skin. Irregularly tightening bands under the skin pull the skin closer to the underlying muscle tissue, causing typical fat layers to pocket and bulge. This makes the surface of the skin appear lumpy and dimpled. Both adult men and women can accumulate cellulite with age, despite healthy lifestyle choices, such as dieting and physical exercise. No one knows what causes cellulite, but it is extremely common.

What is cellulite reduction?

At iContour Anti-Aging Center, our expert team uses Alma Accent Prime, an innovative noninvasive laser technique that decreases cellulite and smoothes the skin. This laser technology emits a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency technology (RF) to loosen the fibrous bands under the skin.

Can cellulite reduction diminish cellulite anywhere on the body?

Cellulite commonly develops around the thighs, buttocks, and stomach but it can appear just about anywhere on the body where there is an accumulation of fat cells. Cellulite reduction treatments can be safely applied to multiple target areas of the body based on the patient’s personal goals and our expert team’s cosmetic and medical recommendations.

Am I an ideal candidate for cellulite reduction treatment?

If you reside in or around the Boston area, you may be an ideal candidate for cellulite reduction treatments at iContour Anti-aging Center. Our team helps each patient develop a customized treatment plan based on their personal cosmetic goals and medical history. We may recommend against cellulite reduction treatments if individuals have specific medical conditions or skin disorders.

What is the treatment process like?

Cellulite reduction treatments last approximately 30 – 60 minutes and are completed within the comforts of one of our private treatment rooms. Patients will be asked to lie down on their stomachs or backs, depending on where the targeted treatment areas are located. The Alma Accent Prime applicator is waved over the treatment area to emit controlled RF and ultrasound energy. Each treatment area is then massaged to loosen the fibrous bands under the skin. Patients may return home the same day after treatment.

What can I expect after cellulite reduction treatment?

Individuals should expect some swelling, redness, and tenderness after treatment, which subsides on its own within a day or two. Patients can expect optimal results to appear within several weeks after treatment, which includes smoother, clearer skin.

Can cellulite come back?

With the natural aging process and weight gain, cellulite formations can return. The treated fibrous bands do not typically return, but new bands can form and push down on newly developed fat deposits.

How to learn more about cellulite reduction

If you live in or around the Boston area and would like to participate in a noninvasive cellulite reduction technique, call our team at iContour Anti-Aging Center and schedule an appointment with one of our providers today. We’ll introduce you to the benefits and process of cellulite reduction and help you determine if treatment is right for you.

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